Casa Serafina as “Typical Product” of the territory of Orvieto. We thought that when we began to weekly rent the house of the “old carpenters”. Who thought, realized and lived these places used the tick chestnut tree of our woods. He worked it, carved and polished to wax using artisans almost disappeared.
The house has been completed with finishing touch of wrought iron of the artisans naturally tied to the territory. The artistic ceramics inspired to the past and always rigorously handicraft, give finally a touch of vivacity and colour.
We liked to intervene only with small adaptations and to share with you the taste of a non-common craftsmanship artistic; creating an “assistant value” to the convenience, to the position, to the panorama, to the reception. That is therefore a really section of life and family, inserted in the context as many real of Orvieto.
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